Word Merchant Communications offers much more than typical editorial services.

We assume responsibility for the management and progress of your project, allowing you to minimize strain on your schedule while expanding your portfolio.

At your request, we will also coach you in whichever style of writing you are undertaking. This ensures that your skills improve as your project develops.

We can enhance your project at any stage. You can simply suggest an idea and allow WMC to explore its potential through research and creative visioning, or seek stylistic and structural polishing for an almost complete project, or anything in between.

Mitchell Gray is a Vancouver-based writer and journalist. He has skills in creative non-fiction, fiction, news, web, academic, screen and business writing.

Mitchell won the 2003 CBC Radio Alberta Anthology non-fiction writing prize in the professional category and was selected to represent Canada in the 2002 Finland Foreign Correspondents Programme. His journalistic experience includes working as a news reporter at the Calgary Herald and a series of contributions to Canadian Geographic online.

Mitchell holds Master of Arts (political science) and Master of Journalism degrees from the University of British Columbia.


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